About Zion Lutheran

"Bringing Christ to all people, and all people to Christ." We as members of the body of Jesus Christ invite you to learn more about us as we share our Savior with you. We're a family of believers 2,100 strong sharing our life in Jesus Christ with Denison and Crawford County. Through our witness to all we offer many ways of sharing the love of Jesus.

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  • October 19 - Parent Transport/No Public
  • October 30 - Parent Transport/No Public

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  • September 30 - ✞Traditional Worship
  • September 30 - ✞Traditional Worship
  • September 30 - Youth Confirmation
  • October 01 - Evening Guild
  • October 02 - Ladies' Aid
  • October 04 - ✞Traditional Worship
  • October 04 - Bible Study

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Zion Lutheran School

We provide an environment where we:

Preschool through 8th Grade students are valued for their uniqueness as gifts from God. You are always welcome to come visit!

  • Tell of God's grace through Christ
  • Teach quality academics
  • Involve families in learning and service